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02-Nov-2017 21:04

If memory serves, our attention focuses on their mirror reflections. (Review by Jix) Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (aka "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation") (1994) Leatherface puts on a female mask during his rampage in this sequel. A straight-to-DVD film about a woman roaming a woods in search of a pretty face to replace the vacant hole where her own was brutally torn off. About 50 minutes into the movie, Shaggy and Mary Jane, a girl he met at the beginning of the movie and has a crush on throughout, are escaping the baddies on an all-terrain vehicle.A low tree branch smacks Mary Jane in the face, dislodging a rubber mask from position.We see that beneath, she is really a demon with glowing green eyes.She then stretches the mask and it snaps back into its properly fitting position. At the end of the movie, girl reporter Heather (Alicia Silverstone) is unmasked to reveal she's really Jacobo (Tim Blake Nelson). The heroine unmasks exchange student Monique (Anna Garcia Williams) to reveal Principal Burden (Michael Mc Connohie).Doubtfire, to pose as a housekeeper to see his kids.Although his make-up job is actually the result of appliances, a prop "mask" is used for the on-screen disguise, which he removes a few times.Thanks to Michiko Ohyama, Holly Fairfa, Guise, Aaron Knute, Vicki Mock, Robur, the Magus, Brittany Rose, Jix, Elizabeth Walters, Stephanie Crosby, Jennifer Stevens, - original German title). In the conclusion, the lead mercenary unmasks the enemy infiltrator.A German-made film dubbed into English, where at the climax of the film, Gretchen (Anna Loos) has been dissected, injected with a preservative that "rubberized" her blood and tissues and has been mounted for display. Villain Michael Ansara sends his moll Maria (Lisa Todd) disguised as one of Doll Squad's contacts, Kim Luval (Jean London). He is the ambassador's female secretary, an Arab terrorist wearing a latex mask.

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When she pulls back, the adhesive goo removes her face and reveals a cockroach's head. Another in the "aliens wearing human disguises" genre.

Rainier Grant takes off her human skin to reveal a yucky alien underneath.

She then replaces it (not for the squeamish) with Annabelle Gurwitch's skin in a nice suit sequence, but later loses her head in a fight. Catherine Oxenberg is kidnapped by a woman for the purpose of taking revenge against her.

(Review by Robur) In this porn film Kay Parker wears a mask to disguise herself as Madame Lau, an asian suductress.

It's a prosthetic mask and wig that she peels off in a real erotic fashion.The psychopath responsible boasts that Gretchen " masterpiece." He then takes off her face and says, "And her face..was meant for me. His inappropriate lavatory etiquette gave him away! Climaxes with the hypnotist's beautiful assistant Justine (Allison Hayes) unmasking herself to reveal a disfigured face.

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