Red jacket kris and stephanie dating

28-Nov-2017 12:04

The former charges carry a mandatory sentence of life in prison; his sentencing is scheduled for May 11, 2017.

follows Red Jacket Firearms of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A combination firearms shop and custom firearms manufacturer, they're particularly known for AK-47 and Saiga (AK-style shotgun)-type weapons, and an M-16 pattern semi-auto rifle called the Katana.

The show was cancelled on August 27th, 2014 after airing five seasons due to child molestation charges brought up against Red Jacket owner Will Hayden.

According to, during a routine inspection by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) in 2009, Red Jacket could not account for ten registered firearm parts.

Will and Stephanie Hayden did not keep track, so, according to Davidson, Hayden and the ATF mutually agreed to shut down Red Jacket, Inc.

An executive of the production company said he regretted the incident and blamed it on "a simple yet colossal error in judgement by a member of our staff." In September Hayden's eldest daughter, business partner, and 'Sons of Guns' co-star, Stephanie Hayden, changed her claims from that of defending her father to accusing him of also raping and abusing her as a child.

Since the cancellation of the show, Kris Ford was arrested on child abuse charges and for assault on a minor.

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he bumped into an old lady and she said "excuse me"...In addition, during scenes of catastrophic failure, the crew will remind the audience not to try anything at home.

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