Tall men singles dating short women

08-Nov-2017 07:46

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It just so happens that sometimes we get shallow, and only go for looks. and stuff Threads like this are usually thinly veiled complaints by tall women about why they see most tall guys dating average height women (because she views average height women as "short").

It's because there are far more average height women than tall women, and women, no matter what their height, mostly go for tall men. there aint a women alive outside of the wnba thats my height and i dont have a shot in hell with those girls.

That requires a little trust, but is usually enjoyable for both people.2.

My friends tease me b/c I tend to avoid guys under 5'10".

So to answer your question, yes, tall guys do date very short women, in fact I mostly attract the tall ones, they find it intriging I guess!

Not sure why that is, or if it was just the small sample size I am basing this off i think there is a similar thread in one of the other sections...i don't know if tall guys go for short women or vice versa.

i know i find it very attractive if a man is quite tall but i don't chuck em back in the sea if they're not"Height is arbitrary when it comes to love."being a little shortass myself, and gone out with women who are nearly six foot...A significant stride difference will exist between a tall male and a short female, so a guy's normal walking speed may be a jog for the female. actually i would love the guy to be at LEAST a foot taller than me (6ft 2inches about) ,why?

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